Bliss Spa Packages

Bliss Spa - 2Hrs - $199/p
Escape the stress and treat yourself to a serenity spa treatment. Start with a firm, relaxing massage combined with shea body butter to hydrate and nourishd the skin and relax the mind. Then experience true peace by immersing yourself in our hydrotheraphy spa to ease body and mind and release an immediate sensation of wellbeing. Served with tea cocktail and fresh fruit platter.


Rejuvenate & Relax - 2Hrs - $299/p

Include with Mocha Scrub and wrap for the body, hydrating facial to purify the skin. Followed with a full body polished with pure shea body butter to hydrate and nourish the skin combine with the relaxing Aromatherapy Message. Served with Herbal Tea to relax and refresh you.


Detox & Relax - 2Hrs - $199/p

Treat yourself with our unique detox treatment with organic. Homemade Scrub and wrap to detoxify, purify and cleansed your skin. Followed with a luxurious and relaxing full body massage with vanilla and coconut body butter.


Massage & Facial Spa Package - 2Hrs  $199/p

Relax and enjoy a full body aromatheraphy massage, including foot reflexology, face and scalp massage followed with a nourishing facial to relax the body and mind. 


Girlfriend Spa Package - 2Hrs 30Mins - $260/p

Treat yourselves and a friend to a treasured and realxing time together. Start with a traditional Baliness coffee scrub and wrap to detoxity the body. Folloed by a deeply relaxing massage. Finally step into our luxurius hydrotherapy spa and enjoy our special tea cocktail and fresh fruit platter.


Couples Indulgence - 2Hrs 30Mins - $599/2p

Experience the ultimate in romance and relaxation. Enjoy a full body Mocha scrup and wrap, hydrating facial and a full body massage. To complete your indulgence, step into the hydrotheraphy spa to tone your muscles and refresh your body and mind. Served with tea cocktail and fresh fruit platter.

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